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Just got my kit a little while ago. Gonna document the process for mine in this thread.
Still need to buy jacks and hardware and such, or maybe i'll end up scrounging them from around.

Expect pictures and problems, plenty of both!


  • I just started mine and...there's a problem. I'm missing a single IC: the TLV2472. Such a shame! I got out my celebratory soldering hat, too!
    Does anyone know a replacement part that I could find at Radioshack (ugh), while I wait for Todd's reply?

    I did get through most of the board; the SMT part isn't that bad. Just follow his directions and you'll be fine.
  • CrapShack won't have that kind of stuff unfortunately :(

    If you can find an electronics surplus store in your area, you could have luck with that. Best to stick with the exact part in this case.
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    Fudge. You're the first packing error. Sorry.
    I'll hook you up via email. In the meantime, you can use a plain old LM358 in place of that TLV2472 -- your oscillator will have a little different range but not much. The next revision of WTPA is likely to remove it anyway (it's overkill, and expensive). I recall Rat Shack used to carry the LM324 and 741 -- but they don't look like they have the 358 on their website. Rats.
    Sorry again,

    edit -- any "standard pinout" dual op amp in a DIP 8 package is likely to work, provided it is happy with 5v. That opamp isn't working too hard, really.
  • I'll email you back, Todd, but for the benefit of the board: What do you think of the TL082 (
  • The TL082 isn't designed to run from a single 5v rail. Other than that it's a decent opamp.
  • Hi all..just want to give you some first impressions after getting the kit. The PCB is TOP NOTCH. I deal with Cisco, Tellabs and Fujitsu boards everyday, and these are right on par as far as quality goes.. blows anything from PAIA away. Todd sourced the best parts too. The pots and tacts are great. I know all this stuff isn't cheap so he's probably not really making much. Bravo.
  • I agree.

    Todd, if you could drop-ship me that part, I would appreciate it. I'm so excited to get this thing going; I completed my build today.
  • Alright, uploaded a flickr set of my build here:
    enjoy if you're into that kinda thing.

    tupperware enclosure is epic, gotta finish it all the way still.
  • tupperware enclosure *is* epic!
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    Two lessons learned from soldering the SRAM surface mount using the recommended heat and drag technique (for people of average or lower soldering skill, like myselph):
    If you're going to go the "heat and drag blob" route, use a medium breadth soldering iron tip. The kind shown in the manual is probably optimal. Too thin a tip makes it difficult to drag solder across the pins. I made quite the mess trying, eventually I busted out the really thin solder and soldered each leg one by one.
    Use clean quality desoldering braid. I hadn't used the stuff that I had lying around in five years and it no longer wicked up solder. Man was that a tense moment.
    The rest of it was smooth sailing.
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