AVR Programming:

Hi all,
Many of you have expressed interest in knowing how to program the AVR or mess with the C code at the heart of WTPA. That topic is both fascinating and far too big for my little humble site, and further is covered very well elsewhere. The following is an email that I just wrote a WTPA owner who had some questions about programming, so I'm posting it here in hopes that it will help everybody else.

The links below are good places to start, and as always, if you all have specific questions I am more than happy to answer them as best I can!



Hey, how do you open the source file archive though? And what compiler/IDE will I need?

It's been tarred and gzipped, which is common in the Linux world. The file extension .tgz or .tar.gz indicates this. I can remember what you use in Windows to extract this (maybe 7-zip or pkunzip or something) but I know google would know.

The source was compiled with AVR-GCC and GNU Make; both are free and GPL'd. I typically don't use an IDE -- the editor I use is called e93: http://www.e93.org/
People who aren't weirdos probably are more likely to use EMACS or VI.

The instructions for the AVR toolchain can be found here:

Although I think a lot of windows people use the following because it is easier to install:

Actually is there something on your site that describes the programming/uploading process cos I can’t see it?

Nope. There are a lot of other and better sites on AVR programming, which if I was more responsible I would link to. The above sites are a good start, as is the AVR user community page:
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