What else have you guys built?

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I figure for those of you that bought and built your WTPA's, you are also likely to have made other stuff too??

I recently built a fantastic amplifier for my studio monitors. Although I cheated a little and based it on pre-assembled boards from Hypex. Expensive, but more than worth it. Its not much to look at, but it sounds the part for sure. May post picts later for anyone interested.

I'd really like to make one of those XoXoX 303 clones, or whatever its called. But somewhat annoyingly, I stuck myself on the waiting list for a kit well over a year ago, only to find via their forum that they can't be bothered to make the kits any more. They could have bloody said so!? Even more annoying is that the website is still accepting people onto the waiting list too. And.. conveniently, some enterprising folks have managed to set up shop selling completed XoXoX box's? Seems a bit fishy to me, but there you go..

So, erm, yeah, what have you made? Or what are you thinking of hammering together next?



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    jeez, dont know if I even remember them all:x0xbox #13, MBHP SID v1, MBHP SID V2 (MB-6582), MBHP CV (max525 based), MBHP GM5, PAIA fatman, Introspectiv 9090, Oakley TM3030 x 2. In the finishing stages are a MB808 and a JH triple chorus. My "active" projects are an ASM-2 and a SSM2044 filter upgrade for my SID

    some pics are here:
  • The only kit I ever built (that I didn't design) was a Dutchtronix Oscilloscope Clock, just because it was such a thorough and badass design.
    Jan totally nailed this. Bug free, feature rich, and good looking. And cheap.

    I once designed a MIDI to C64 interface to rock out the SID, but it was a real pain in the ass to use. It used an MCU to control the keyboard matrix so you could use MIDI to control any c64 synthesis program that already existed. I mapped it to Cybertracker and Cynthcart keybindings and set it up to be easy to map it to more stuff, but you still had to carry around the Commodore's monitor, disk drive, etc etc. It seems like whoever does those SID midibox things really spent a lot of time on them.
  • haha, that scope clock is sweet! The midibox sid has really kinda evolved with the evolution the 8 bit PIC. The big one now uses 4 pics connected via CAN and 8 sids but it definitely has been a group effort by a lot of ppl
  • I haven't inasmuch built much yet :P

    I've made a sorta Theremin out of a 556. And I made this sucka: http://www.geocities.com/tpe123/folkurban/fuzz/pwm.gif

    It's cool, but kinda a one trick pony. I've been meaning to add an envelope follower to affect the PW as the static effect is pretty desiccating to the signal, or try just building a discrete transistor Schmit trigger with some pots to affect the biases (make it noisier or gate-y-er). Adding a 4024 divider as a suboscillator had some interesting results too. Since it has a Schmitt built into its input, I've been meaning to try add PWM to each output channel. Maybe via this: http://www.uni-bonn.de/~uzs159/triphase.html

    I am mostly working on a modular system though.

    An old sildeshow: http://s10.photobucket.com/albums/a102/erschlagener/de_engineered/?action=view&current=c0bcbb6f.pbw

    There's been documenting of those blunderings on my LJ: http://de-engineered.livejournal.com/
  • Hey Todd, thats pretty neat!
    Maybe you have also seen the scope clock on here? http://cathodecorner.com/ Kinda similar idea.
    Those guys also make a Nixie Tube watch. Nerdy, but cool. Steve Wozniak (of Apple fame) has one and enjoys showing it off..

    Altitude.. Im looking into making an x0xb0x soon despite the fact theres no full kits offered any more... But sourcing all the little parts on my own is going to be a huge pain in the ass. I like making stuff, and I don't mind sourcing the occasional part here n there. But not every last part from a multitude of different suppliers :(
    btw, I need a facebook account to see the pict you posted.

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    There are really only several parts on the x0xb0x that are difficult to source. Personally, I sold mine at a pretty sizable profit and built a TM3030 which is the oakley clone. That has options for modern or classic parts, is about half the cost, and you can get two of them into a 1u rack. Personally, I like it a lot better sonically that my x0x. It is a much tighter spec'd machine and both of mine sound almost identical. x0xb0xes are all over the place and it is kinda of a crap shoot where you end up sound wise (just like the real one)

    Now for some pron:

  • Hey Luap - you can get a rare parts goodie bag here: http://www.ableideas.com/x0xb0x/index.php?page=details&prod=75&cat=18&group=9

    Using the BOM you can get somewhere on the x0x forum, I found you could build a stock x0x for about $250 or so.

    And hawt pr0nz Altitude.
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    "Hey Luap - you can get a rare parts goodie bag here: http://www.ableideas.com/x0xb0x/index.php?page=details&prod=75&cat=18&group=9 "

    I take it you didnt read this then ;)

    Seems not very many people that ordered from that guy actually got their order. With many people requesting refunds after a few months of waiting. Looks like there is a good alternative source for the rare parts though, so i'll give in and do this the hard way and get ordering soon.

    Altitude. I love the quality of your work! Very impressive.
    As for for TM3030, it looks pretty nice. But I have a couple of rack synths that are very similar already. A Doepfer MS404 & Control Synthesis Deep bass 9. What im looking for now is a nice self contained unit with the programmable sequencer. The x0xb0x looks to tick that box nicely, plus the USB feature will be handy.
    btw, whats the box with all the green lights/knobs?

    Cheers! Paul
  • That'd be a Midibox 6582.
  • Paul -> Laup (klever btw, just figured that one out)

    If a 303 style sequencer is what you are looking for, then a x0xb0x is where you need to be looking. We did a lot of work on the 1.0 release to get the most out of the AVR and the 3rd party upgrades are really well done also. Limor/Adafruit has been growing quite a bit so I can see why she cannot put the effort in on the large demand on the kits. Rolling your own is not as bad as it seems, I did the retro build for my 3030 and the 1593s and 2291s were $12 on ebay for two sets. Everything else is available from either Mouser or www.dalbani.co.uk (and I mean EVERYTHING). Between those two, you should be able to source all the goods for less than the kit price.. Price it out and let me know if you are short on anything, I have a big ol'box of vintage ROHM/Roland parts
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    Altitude, I appreciate the offer of help, thanks a lot :) Theres a guy on the x0x forum that sells a kit of the rare parts alone, so that looks to be covered. So then all i'd need is all the available x0x bits on the adafruit site (panels/fascia, pcb's and micro controller etc), and the rest I can get from dalbani.co.uk ? Im in the UK, so a UK supplier for parts would be nice.

  • laup: No, Nikko/Delbani is a good source for the old parts. If you are sorted there, then everything else will be available from the usual suspects out there (Rapid, Farnell etc). Any major electronics supply should have everything.
  • Kits relatively few, although I built three x0xb0xes; one for myself (since sold) and two for other people.

    Ongoing project is my modular: http://www.casia.org/modular/

    Late 80's and early 90's I was mostly extending Z80-based home computers, doing a lot of home design and assembler programming. Picked up building again (and synths this time) around 2003.
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    Oh, you're that Altitude! I recognize the pics of the "9090". Such a great paint job.

    I have modified several things, including an MC-202, tr-606, dr-110, and x0xb0x, but have only built a couple cool things. My pride and joy is the "Military Device" (dual MB SID - 6581/8580 with feedback pots):


    Oh, I also built one of these (the plans for which came to me when I bumped my head on the toilet on November 5th, 1955):
  • glitched: Yes. it is I :P
    How did that liquid nail work on the anodized panel?
  • The liquid nails didn't work very well at all. (I tried it because it was on sale.)
    After a day or so, the simple act of lightly tugging on the cable attached to the LCD made the screen fall off. I had forgotten to sand the area before applying the glue, so I did this...but a day later, the bond was no tighter.
    A couple days later, the control panel (with the buttons) fell off.

    I switched to some standard, two-component epoxy (the clear stuff) and haven't had an issue since.
    People on the midibox board love this JB Weld stuff, but it's so cumbersome and messy to work with.
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    Altitude (Sorry, i feel im derailing my own thread somewhat!) I have now ordered a set of all the rare parts for my x0xb0x build. But you think that besides the bits that adafruit still sell, I could source everything else right here in the UK? I have an RS account ( http://uk.rs-online.com/web/ ) so im hoping I can get the multitudes of other bits and pieces via them. [EDIT] Looks like i'll need more than RS, but hopefully other UK suppliers will work out.
    Im just trying to trim down the amount of suppliers I need to deal with, particularly international ones.

    Thanks! Paul
  • I had no success with the jb weld at all. I have some brutal industrial stuff here that works beautifully but it cures at 125 deg C so I cant use it on screened panels
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    I'm just about finished building an arduino-based monome clone, but I haven't yet made anything that actually makes sound. Super excited to get started on my WTPA when it arrives. Also built a couple of midi interfaces for my speak&spell and speak&learn.

    Altitude, amazing finish work on that x0x and sid!
  • Been away from the forum a few days moving and my project table all packed up :(
    My completed builds: 4ms Noise Swash, Maestro Ring Modulator clone, Weird Sound Generator, spring reverb box, various beginner style guitar pedals. Oh, and the Atari Punk Console of course. The Maestro and the Noise Swash were a lot more complicated than one might expect and the WSG was way easier than I expected. Also more musical. Currently on the bench: Oakley TB3030 (first version- old!), JH Tau Pipe Phaser, modular synth modules, more pedals, Midibox SID and WTPA...
    - Strategy
  • A small x0xb0x update. All parts are ordered now. Some started arriving today (Including some cool metal knobs!). The rest should be here within a couple of weeks. But.. The first thing I ordered was the rare parts, and they are not here yet. Which is a little concerning because, well, they're rare! But then they are being sent from some obscure corner on the other side of the planet, so..

    As for building one for $250 or so.. I wish! This one is going to cost me nearly £400 altogether (Roughly $600 in merkin speak). Some of the additional cost comes down to overseas shipping costs plus greedy UK customs charges. On top of that, its costing a little extra due to some modest upgrades. At a pinch im sure I could throw one together for £300 ($450'ish). I could maybe lower it a little more if I sourced more parts from here in the UK (parts would probably cost more here, but there would be lower shipping costs, and no customs bills). But theres so many parts, it seemed like a bit of a chore! If I were to do it again, then maybe.. For now, im doing it the 'easy' way, and even that means dealing with 6 different suppliers!

  • I'm still new to this stuff. The only things I've built so far are a GorF sequencer and a Cellular Automata Kit. I tried an building a Ruby amp, but I wasn't successful. I'm going to try again after I finish the WTPA.
  • My freshly completed x0xb0x!


    Im very pleased with it :) It all worked first time too! Apart from the rotary encoder for tempo control doesn't work as well as it should. And through no fault of mine, so I may have to replace that. That and a little fine tuning is all it needs.
    Sounds great though!

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    Just did this:
  • sealion,

    I was intruiged by the dronelab as well - but this kit was WAY to expensive imo. Looks and sounds cool though
  • i just built a drone lab too. really cool little kit. a couple of us chipped in and got a group order together for really cheap. great kit.
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    Yeah, that's pretty expensive. Though it does seem cool.
  • rodrigo - that's exactly what I wanted to communicate :)
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rAw8MmHKtw

    its a arduino wavetable oscillator with envelope generation and DAC outputs. the arduino can generate 3 waveforms which can be detuned, as well as 2 envelopes which are output to the DAC reference voltage and filter frequency. the filter is an ebay bought (from evil hong kong mafia apparently) SSM2044.

    the 3 oscs each can have a different waveform, osc 2 is mixed with osc 1 and can be detuned for unison, osc 3 is currently reserved for the accent. currently i have 9 wavetables, but i will add ore near the end, otherwise it takes too long to upload them to the arduino every time i change the program. the ISR(interrupt service routine) that generates the wavetables uses about 1/2 of the processing power now, and i dont want to go much higher.

    In the video all the controls are via direct connected pots but now i am sending a lot of the controls Via MIDI(eventually all of them) there will be a seperate arduino which just does MIDI control and presets etc. and merges it with the incoming MIDI notes. (and sequencer LFO etc)

    now i have a "accent" which can trigger a seperate envelope which can go to the filter cutoff and/or osc 3 level. another vid will come soon.

    eventually i will make an arduino shield for the seeedstudio mega which will have the DACs and a filter (not the SSM, it has to wotk on 5 volts, and its a bit expensive) MIDI in and audio out
    it will also have a header to put an http://www.oct-distribution.com/ effect board on which can also be controlled by arduino
  • sounds good to me.
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