Do any pins of the atmega toggle externally from the chip for record?

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Because of playing with WTPA I decided to have a go using MIDI to control my KP3, its a different animal that way, its like hardware "dblue glitch" but much more fun because of all the kp3 programs.
unfortunately there is no midi cc to arm recording, so i cant use the sampling feature by MIDI
i could easilly connect the switch to WTPA with a relay or logic if they are compatible, so i am wondering if there is any pin or other point in the circuit which i can get a high or low toggle from a MIDI input (preferably the record message)


  • ?
    CC0 is record (0 to start
  • i know that but i want to know if there is an actual pin somewhere in the electronics which toggles when it is recording.
  • Not really, although you could make it do that super easily by changing a little code.
    I say "not really" because the record LED does in fact toggle when you begin and end recordings, and if you only used one channel you might be able to get away with using it for something. It's not really a great indicator of absolute status, though, because it does not take into account possible recordings occurring concurrently on other channels.

    That sort of sync is talked about a little in this thread:

    Hope this helps!
  • actually..duh, yes the LED. that will actually do nicely because i only want it to respond to one channel, i jst have to make sure im "watching" that channel when i am using it. ill try it with an opto-isolator.
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