HELP!!!! My WTPA2 won't load my samples into RAM waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

OK  so everything else works, I can record and play back on all that stuff on both channels. CLock changes work, and  I can play the samples on my SD card, but try as I might, the samples will not download from SD card into RAM.    WTF!

It all used to work and I haven't done anything to the unit except play. I tried reseating the SD card in the slot, no change.  

Any ideas on how to deal with this.   I have a great set of samples, and I want to play them 


  • Well now it's working ....go figure be sure your main clock is not set full counter clockwise on play back....
  • @bcomnes -- Glad you got it working, but that's really it?  It's been a long time but I'm not sure why the sample clock should affect anything the SD card is doing.
    Either way, I really appreciate you keeping us up to date.  Thanks as always.
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