Would shielding the input and output leads inside the case reduce the noise floor?

Gotta love my  WTPA2 but I wish it wasn't so noisy via external input.   I'm tempted to open it up and put in shielded wire from the jacks to the boards, with the shield wired to ground/  Would that help?  Has anybody done it? 

I don't want to risk screwing it up unless there's a potential pay off for the work. 


  • A couple things that helped me when I was building my unit were:

    1.)  Making sure all the signal wires were short
    2.)  Experimenting with different wall warts (some are way worse than others -- using a 9v battery will clear up most noise most of the time)
    3.)  Keeping your audio and DC input power paths separated from the jack board to the inputs.

    I'm guessing separating the DC power ground and input ground on the jack board, and running a shielded wire from the audio in on the PCB to the audio jack, and a dedicated wire pair from the DC jack to the DC input on the PCB would make a big difference.  I remember doing something like that a long time ago.

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