What is the difference between WIDE and RESOLUTE in the MIDI commands

There are resolute and wide commands for sample start, end And width, what's the difference? And is Midi granular limited to the 7 caveman steps or are there 128 tracked to the CC controller?


  • Also on the MIDI command to  REVERT TO UNADJUSTED shouldn't the CC 27 value = ANY instead of 0-127.....does that scale, and FWIW does that mean I can keep bit reduction at 3 but revert to the whole sample?

  • and stay tuned, the reason I am asking these questions is that I will soon have a LEMUR template for wtpa2 which I will post here and you can control it via MIDI and your iPAD, how cool is that????


    so Output combination math in MIDI chart is CC 22 with a range of 0,1,2,3   but the documentations says 0,1,2,3,4 ????  WTF ???
  • Not in front of the source right now, but IIRC WIDE vs RESOLUTE is the difference between moving by 128th or 256th sized chunks of the sample.
    MIDI can only handle 127 steps per message, so I think the difference is that once can access the whole sample range, and one can access half of it more finely.  Something along those lines.

    As for the rest, try it out.  I'll be back in BK and can answer more carefully next week.  Thanks and good luck!
  • ok so which is which wide = 128 or 256 ? and are these things like , sample start position,end , width,bit rate, jitter, granularity global for both samples or are they midi channel specific?, If global I only need on dial , if sample specific I need two, one dial for each control per sample

    Hey thanks for replying quickly , will put up a draft screenshot soon and you can see what I am up to 
  • this is a rough Lemur Template work in progress .......feedback always appreciated 

  • and another question, as I move along 

    in caveman mode I hit Start Record and as soon as I hit Stop Record it immediately goes in to Looped playback....

    .but in MIDI I send CC3 with a value of 5 (grter than Zero) to start recording and then CC3=0 to stop recording but it does not loop.....
    Do I have to send a MIDI Song Start Command too? 

    May if I use MIDI start recording but then manually use the stop button it will loop?  gonna try that and report, back

    Start/Stop Recording 3 0 = Stop, >0 = Star
  • Well I revised the Lemur Layout, since I'm a lousy Lemur script writer, I also dropped RESOLUTE commands going with the WIDE only sample edits, sorry the pic is low res, when done I'll have a less grainy one to show

    here is the current picture image
  • and the questions just continue .............

    earlier I said .but in MIDI I send CC3 with a value of 5 (grter than Zero) to start recording and then CC3=0 to stop recording but it does not loop....

    well I need to retest this as that may just be a bug in my Lemur template, since I
    I discovered it was not actually sending cc=0 , but that is fixed now, will test and report back.

    anyway can you sort out which MIDI commands are channel specific and which are global?
    I'm assuming that CHANGE SD BANK will do it from either MIDI channel but set the bank globally, i.e you can't have WTPA channel 0 on Bank 1 and channel 1 on Bank 2 - amIright?

    is that the same for output math?  what about default record note, can that be different for each channel?

    of course flat out  testing will answer many questions, but some help from Todd on that MIDI portion would be of great help. 

    When done I'm going to post the LEMUR template here for anyone who wants to use their iPad to control their WTPA2 

  • Thanks for all your work!  Looking forward to seeing your patch.
    I have guilt about many things, one of them is not making an easy interface for WTPA2.  Something like this could help a lot.

    Remember the SD card has its own MIDI address for playback -- each bank has an address, and so does SD streaming.  These default to the first three banks.

    If SD bank change does not work for you globally, try it on the SD channel.

    Re:  output math, pretty sure you can set that for each output channel.  Default record note can be set per channel.

    Hope this helps!
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