Suddenly no audio out.

Hello and thank you for any help you all can provide.  I can not get my previously working WTPA 2 to pass audio or play samples from sd card.  It was one of the prebuilt batch and has become indispensable and one of my all time favorite devices so i'm bumming without it. Nothing comes through when putting input, thur, DAC, Main, all up to acceptable levels. I can't tell if its recording, getting audio in.  It does not play samples from the card that the flashing led indicates do exist.  I have zero troubleshooting experience but fairly handy with an iron, can build a kit well enough.  So not sure where to even start, I looked for any loose or obvious solder breaks in the audio jacks but seemed fine.  Any help would be much appreciated!


  • Hey Austin --
    That sucks.

    Just to be clear -- the lights are still on, and they still move when you turn the knob and press the buttons, is that correct?
    You are hooked up to the correct power supply?

    You don't have your input and output cables reversed?  I do that sometimes.

    Signal and ground/common aren't reversed on one of your audio cables, right?  That can cause trouble.

    Unplug the input cable.  Try two things:
    1.)  Turn all the knobs up all the way.  Even with no signal coming in you should be able to hear some kind of hissing at the output.  If you can't, something is probably hooked up wrong, although it could still be broken.
    2.)  Turn the knobs back down to normal and enter "test mode" when you boot up.  This will produce a sawtooth wave at the output, controlled by the speed knobs.  Does that work?

    Let me know and good luck!

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