Separate outs?

edited June 2009 in WTPA1 Mods
Would it be possible to have two separate outs, one for each bank?
I was going to try to figure it out myself but I can't get the schematics file to work?


  • The schematics file is zipped as a bz2 file. In Linux you unzip it with bunzip2.
    In Windows you can probably use 7zip or WinZip or the like.
    In Mac, I don't know. Those crafty buggers probably do it automatically.

    Separating the banks isn't possible in hardware because they're summed in software before spitting them out on a single DAC. You could separate the throughput from the DAC if you wanted, but not the two banks. That is, without changing some code and adding another DAC, latch, etc.

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