A couple of notes and a question on CV

I'd like to share a few notes on CV control, maybe these are BFOs (blinding flashes of the obvious) but CV users should be aware that at the: 

LOW END ....if anything is in the CV jack, thus bypassing the clock controls and the voltage is at zero(0) then the clock rate is VERY slow and what you hear will be very strange indeed. 

at the HIGH END....if you modded the range for 0-5 volts, that upper bound is pretty well enforced, I have a Moog CP251 which has a CV footpedal ranging from 0 to 5.6 volts and once you cross that 5 volt upper limit your WTPA sample will simply stop playing.

So be aware of the voltages you are plugging in for best performance. 

Finally a simple question, what happens if the CV voltage goes negative?  Will that hurt anything?  The reason I ask is that I would like to FM modulate the device, which involves putting an audio signal into that CV jack and audio of course is AC with a positive and negative voltage.   I just don't want to do anything dumb and fry this thing. 
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