MIDI equivalent to SD card menu?

I want to use MIDI to hit S1 on the SD card menu, "Load SD sample to RAM", but I don't see how in the docs.  Is it possible? 

Also, I see how to use MIDI to switch to the otherwise inaccessible SD card sample banks 1-3, but I don't see how to select a specific sample within a given bank, except by using the encoder.


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    You play a note on channel 3 (1- bank A, 2- bank B, 3- sd card.) I believe slot one, no lights, is E5 (or 4,) at least on my set up thus far.  I updated my ipad midi controller, made in MidiDesigner. to play samples from the SD card. It is mono though so if you play another slot it will stop the playing sample and start the new one. It's in the manual pgs 8-9...
  • It's not possible with the stock firmware to load a SD sample to a party bank. You can do it with my hacked firmware. Just play an SD sample and then send MIDI CC 53 on the appropriate channel for the bank you want to load it to and it will load the last played sample to that bank.
  • Ok I'm an idiot. Didn't understand the question. Thanks for the new midi stuff. I'll try it out and update my controller!
  • Thanks, scragz. I'll try your firmware -- that sounds fun.
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