Properly Formatted DPCM Card?

I've finally gotten a second cheap SD card for Nintendo samples, but I'm at a loss for how to load them for the WTPA to read them. The packer/extractor python script works fine for me, and I've successfully gotten samples off the card, but the script doesn't work on the DMC files. I tried using cat to combine them into one .bin file and using dd to copy them over, but on power up the WTPA just asked to format the card (which I did to start from scratch again).

Anyone else gotten this working? What am I missing? I apologize if it's some simple command line thing I need to run; I'm maybe not as skilled at that as I should be. I'm going to poke around on it more tonight after work and see where I get.


  • It's not you. The packer works for aiff files, the DPCM packer is different. I think Andy wrote one; I'll dig it up and post it.
  • Hey!

    I wrote a packer for windows with a GUI some time back, I'm going to try and dig it up this weekend. I'll include the sample pack that I was messing with in the video.
  • Ah, well that makes me feel better. Thanks guys!
  • Yo -- I realized the dpcm packer (the python version, not the gui) wasn't on github.
    It is now!

    There's also a pre-made sample image there, I believe, as well as the .dmc files used to make it.

    Good luck!

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    That's awesome, thanks Todd. Checking it out now.

    edit: works great! It's especially fun playing it with a midi controller tweaking the clock speed. I may need to get a sequencer for that.
  • Also, if you guys want to make your own DMCs, here's a kickass (windows) tool.

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