Limited Run PINK Enclosure for WTPA2

Would anyone be interested in a transparent fluorescent PINK enclosure for the WTPA2? Something like the color HERE

I'm trying to organize an official narrat1ve limited run, but this will only happen if there is enough interest.

Please post if you are DEFINITELY interested.




  • If there's interest in, say three or more of these I'll price them out. Shouldn't be any more expensive or not much, anyway. Let me know if there's consensus on colors of the side panels (pink or standard translucent black).

    I personally think these would look SICK. Maybe with some violet or teal LEDs.

    So put me in for one I guess :-)
  • I am definitely interested!

    (teal LEDs!!!! I'm sold. might get some of those anyway)
  • That's 3 Todd!

    Anyone else interested? Don't miss out! These are going to be awesome!

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