On off switch and 1000uf cap

Here's  a pic of my on off switch and 1000uf cap mod, that piece of plastic is in there to be sure the cap doesn't  short out any thing.



  • that pink stuff always looks conductive to me
  • That pink stuff is conductive but not very.  It could cross couple signals but not create a dead short.  But @bcomnes is right to not let that cap float willy nilly.

    Could always solder it right to the bottom of the input jack too.

  • C12 in the schematic is after the first diode before the voltage regulator,  if I remove it from present  C12 location and solder it across the power input jack before the diode will that be OK, it would be more physically "secure" there I was just being cautious. I pulled the pink stuff and the bank 0 problem did not go away, I may just go with a rubber ring and some hot melt glue too. 

  • or to be perfectly sure with not much work just put a piece of insulating tape on the board and stuff the pink foam in again, if the insulation is needed at all. well gives a good feeling at least
  • Doesn't hurt to have multiple input caps. Within reason.
  • FWIW, I used about a pea sized dab of hot glue to secure that 1000uf cap to the PCB board
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