Micro SD compatibility


Seems like there aren't many 2GB or less microSD cards out there, least not for a couple bucks - most seem around 5 or more - no problem there though.

Do you recommend any in particular and how can we know that what we get will be Standard Density?  Want to order a couple but also want to make sure I get ones that will work.




  • My understanding is that anything 2GB and under is standard density.  Ebay people regularly label things wrong, but the SD spec says otherwise:

    If it says SDHC it's no good.  Same for SDXC.  So 512MB, 1GB and 2GB are all OK.

    I've tested with a few different SanDisk and Kingston uSD cards and they've all been fine.  I think I accidentally shipped @sealion my normal test card in his unit, which was a random one from a cell phone store.

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