Work in Progress - labels

OK So I have short memory deficiency, what to do ?  Why label the buttons!  Any way here is a pic of the labels for the VRs and buttons (no shift and 1 shift). Not done yet. The paper is still on the faceplate 'cause I'm working it out for the other two rows and other things. I promise when done to print it as a PDF and post it here so others can get out their scissors and hole punches too. Maybe Todd will give me a T-shirt if it ain't too ugly.   8-)

BTW mine is now built and working just fine on first power up (Yay!) and I'll have some pics and vids coming. Also Todd's not kidding that this thing depends on a quiet power supply, I'm going to open it up and do the 1000uf filter cap mod  for sure.   And I'll probably drill a hole on the side and install a small push down on-off switch or do an inline one once I quiet down the PS.



  • Kickass.  Thanks!  I almost etched that legend in the acrylic and decided against it in case it changed later.  But an overlay would help a lot.
    Make a pretty overlay and I will totally send you a shirt :-)

    Re: power supply -- Lately I've been wondering if it's the signal routing on that damn jack PCB and not actually the circuitry on the WTPA2 itself.  I have a feeling it is.  So, those who do not use the jack board may find PSU stuff more forgiving.  Live and learn.

  • Perhaps there is a way to fix it while still using the jack board.  I guess I'll do the cap thing as it sounds pretty easy.  Is it just a 1000uF cap across the jack terminals?
  • So here is the state of the label mask.  This knobs are the hard part to work around . You can tape down the whole thing or cut it into upper and lower strips to go around the knobs. Ideally I would print this white text on clear stock 

  • try again on the pic
  • Here is a jeg of it 
    This might not scale correctly - more of an FYI

  • Todd, do you have a pdf or illustrator files for the case?  I did not see them in the files on github.  If I had the cover file I could make an illustrator template.  When I built my MI Anushri I designed my own case.  It was fun, tough and fit tight, but was nice.
  • @bcomnes -- looking good.  Keep it coming.
    @shimoda -- I have a DXF for the top that I made for somebody on the forum awhile ago.  You could use that for this label thing:

    Good luck and thanks!

  • I'm too lazy today to track down my MIDI issue, so here is the latest rev of the label , I added shading and a relevant pic. I hope you like it. 

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