Compiling and bootloading issues



  • It's pretty trivial to make it ONLY thru (which is what the DPCM did). To make it OUT and THRU means the WTPA2 has to buffer all incoming midi to make sure that its own outgoing messages don't collide with the messages passing through. This is not trivial and if you really wanted that I'd say the best thing would be to build the THRU hardware circuit like @bcomnes sketched.

    You going to try and make that programming change? Bet it would be fun for you...
  • No way. I'm too slow to be able to easily figure out how to do it by looking at the code and unfortunately don't really have the time to learn the basics.

    Fun for me is making musics with a nicely streamlined setup. ;)
  • Hi All,
    I'm fairly new to all this compiling stuff,so please bare with me!
    I'm running OSX putting this  command, copied from scragz, into terminal: cd ~/src/WTPA2/application && make clean && make all
    && cd ~/src/WTPA2/tools/audioBootPacker &&
    ./wtpaAudioBootImagePacker ../../application/WTPA.bin
    The application part seems to compile fine, a .bin file is created etc. I error: "-bash: ./wtpaAudioBootImagePacker: No such file or directory"
    Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?
  • So that big long command is actually many commands, all strung together by &&.
    The part that's barfing is the wtpaAudioBootImagePacker command.

    Make sure that you have this directory:
    And make sure that in it is a file called:
    And lastly, make sure it is executable.

    If the file lives somewhere else you can still do all this, you'll just have to break up those commands and maybe change some directories.

    (If it's the python version you'll need to have python installed, if it's the one I wrote you may need to compile the tool for your system.  But try this other stuff first).
    Good luck,
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