Granularity not returning to 0

Not sure if this is a bug or what, but when messing with the granularity control to chop up a sample setting it to 1 will actually granularize it as well, and if I bounce between 0 and 1 I can get it to a state that setting it to 0 won't recover. Can anyone else reproduce this?

Also, how is the edit sample start/end/window controls supposed to work? I'm not sure if I should be holding or clicking.


  • the leds only show a 3bit numer, 0-7 but the resolution is actually higher. (i believe 8 bit)

    to get to 0 try turning the encoder back to 1-1-1 and then forward again. 0 is right after leds switch off.

    it is the same for start/end/window.

    you can hold the buttons and turn the encoder or set something with the encoder first and then click.

  • Hi! @loderblast is right on. You can also use the "panic" key combo to reset everything. Press the last three buttons at the same time. If you still can get to a weird state let me know and I'll fix it!
  • Ah, I didn't realize you adjusted the sample start/etc with the encoder. That will take some playing with to figure out. And I got the granularity to go back. Is there really a hidden value 8 that looks like 0? I'm reading through the code now and I think it will help explain things too. I've gotten some decent beats out of this thing though. My only complaint is there is no cross fade or independent volume between banks. So far I'm having a blast with it.
  • @JohnRogers check out the operating manual if you haven't. Those lights represent the value that's going to any parameter you control with the encoder. Different parameters have different ranges. Bit reduction has only 7 possible settings so the lights represent all of them. Granulaity has either 128 (or 256, can't remember) so each step on the light represents 16 (or 32) steps. Rounded down. So 0 lights on is 0-15 grains. I think. I'll check the manual :-)
  • @ToddBailey I have, it was just a bit vague on how exactly the sample start/etc actually works. I thought you maybe hit the keys when you wanted it to start/end, but I've got it now and I've been carving up some weird stuttering beats today. I should've realized that the encoder numbers represent big jumps in the granularity too, thanks. The manual has the wording that you should return it to 0 or 1, but I suppose hitting 1 with the encoder isn't possible when a value of 1 is really 32 slices.
  • The manual is silent on the function of the PANIC key...when you say above to reset everything is that a global for all encoder controlled functions or just the active one? My bank 0 is not recording and I wonder if it is stuck in some wierd state.

    Also what encoder settings survive a power down restart? MIDI Channels obviously do, but what about granularity or bit rate?
  • @bcommes MIDI channels and MIDI record note are the only things written to EEPROM. None of the effects are stored.
  • That would be good info to put in the next rev of the operator's manual. It currently mentions the panic key but does little to explain it. thanks for the answer.
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