Troubleshooting: LED 2 flashing; no sample record / playback

Hey Todd,

Sorry, I could use a bit of troubleshooting help. I spent last night putting the kit together and I’m almost there but not quite.


- On power on all LEDs light up, (then 0, 1 and 4 blink)

- Then LED 2 is flashing

- Encoder makes the binary lights flash as it should

- Audio travels through as it should

- S0 lights LED0 on first press; but LED 2 keeps flashing (on the WTPA1 it goes solid at this point); pressing S0 again turns off LED0; LED2 keeps flashing. S1 does nothing.

- Self test works great; LED 6 and7 flash after booting into self test with S0; however there’s no sawtooth output that I can find. You say that means a problem with clock or DAC - which bits of the board should I focus my attention on and what should I be listening out for with my ghetto scope?


[It took me about 3 hours to build - it's a very happy time to zone out from the rest of life - thanks for that too]



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    EDIT: your clock isn't getting from the VCO to the AVR. If it is bank 1 only make sure the clock pins on the rear of the board are wired correctly. If it's bank 0 (or both banks), check the soldering on your VCO circuits.
  • I believe pin 20 is the VCO in on the AVR. But check the schematic.
  • Great, will do, thanks.
  • Sorted. Embarrassingly, I had put the wrong IC in.

    For anyone else's reference, do read that bit in the manual which says that it won't work until the connectors board is attached or jumpers are put in on the clock section. That was a bit of head scratching for me.

    Now to rock the party.
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