BC337 replacement chiclet and backwards VR5

I got shorted a transistor. The internet said I could probably use a 2N3904 if I flipped it around so I did. After troubleshooting some other problems, I got it all working but VR5 is backwards (clockwise reduces sample rate).

So this is maybe a dumb question, but if I flip the 2N3904 back the other way, will VR5 work correctly? Or should I do something else? I have another 2N3904, a C9014, and a NTE6402 on hand, and a tiny radio shack that probably doesn't have anything better down the street. I am AMAZED that I put this thing together at all, so I want to doublecheck before I start desoldering and replacing components willy-nilly.

Thanks a bunch!


  • No, you did it just right. VR5 adjusts opposite the main VCO. I have absolutely no recollection of why I thought that was a good idea in 2009 or whatever, because obviously that's silly. You could flip the leads on the pot to fix it if you wanted. My bad.

    Also, nice job fixing it with the 3904.
  • Thanks for the info. I'll take it into account when wiring. Maybe I'll add a fine pot too.
  • All right then, I am good to go.Thanks! Man, 2k9 Todd was so quirky.
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