wtpa2 gate in

i am in the process of testing all the features and wanted to sync wtpa2 to other gear.
because i don't seem to have any midi jacks left my wtpa2 doesn't have midi yet.
..so i thought of a way to use a gate from the modular that "presses" a button(i used button2) which restarts the sample:


works great, but obviously is not optimal because (as long as gates are comming in) wtpa2 settings that are set with the buttons can't be edited.


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    can't you just put the two parallel? So it doesn't matter if the gate comes from the input or your button?
    [edit: yeah buttons are on board, don't make much sense then what i say]
  • ah i get it. you can't edit other stuff because the buttons are 'pressed' by the gates
  • I'm still not sure if i should or should not make a midi controller (for the same panel) since parameter changes have immediate effect now it might be kinda unnecessary. On the other hand Jitter would be fine too and one button access to most functions.......... If it's jitter then it's everything else too, won't build one for only one function. I have boxes full of old MB cores so would be easy. Would be a good moment now to decide, panel wise.
  • ^yes parallel to the buttons. ( i think i should not have used that extra 10k pullup by the way - because there is already one on the board.)

    hmm now you got me thinking about midi controll :)
    it might be even cooler if it would have all the controlls two times (one for each sample bank) but thats a lot of pots.
    maybe only for jitter, Adjust Sample Start,End and Windows, but for each channel would make sense..
    i do not have very much midibox experience so i think i would do it "fcd72 style" with a picaxe.

    i do not have the panel layed out yet, but i have the aluminum plate that i am going to use already here - so i am kind of limited by the size of that. i think i'll stick to that size and see how much stuff i can fit.
  • I've been thinking about MIDI controllers too. I don't know enough to go full MIDIbox but the Adafruit Trellis looks interesting and also fairly cheap if you build your own Arduino.
  • You know, I've been thinking the same thing about making a "controller" board for WTPA2 with all the functions for both banks broken out. It would make WTPA2 more fun to play. I keep thinking I could map my midi keyboard to do it although it never feels quite right. I'll try again and if I can't maybe I'll whip something up.
  • Todd, that was my thinking too. I'm starting the build tonight but from reading the manual the UI seems to have quite an intimidating learning curve. Fart sounds are fun but I'd like to get some real music out of this thing and it seems like my chances of rocking the party are higher with a simpler interface. With an Arduino Leonardo (required for midi?) at ~$10, plus one Trellis PCB and keypad come to around $25. I imagine it'll also take a little hacking to get working together with the WTPA2 but it seems cost effective to me.
  • If you use it you will get used to it, it's quite intuitive. Labeling helps though. I can only talk for WTPA1 so far (still soldering) but it's about similar here. Used it in jams and it was fine.

    I think what I'll do this time (what i always planned for the WTPA1 but never finished because the one I intended to bend-a-lot didn't work properly anymore after paneling) is keep all original controls, with big knobs and arcade buttons, and in addition a midi section with ctrl for everything that makes sense. I'll need to see how to do it with MB64.
    Btw does the MIDI OUT on WTPA also work as THROUGH? (So that it sends its own changes, and also incoming stuff from a controller?)

    And another thing which will be cool if I can kick my own ass to make a small board: Midi controlled analog switches to connect chosen bend points. But first make this one work, with a temporary ghetto panel.
    Almost done with the onboard components

  • Right now MIDI OUT is just WTPA2's commands.  So there's no through.  It's been suggested elsewhere though, so I should probably implement it.
  • Well np if not, it's just an additional I2C module for the MB core to give a separate midi out (thinking of recording midi with my beloved Atari, Notator)
  • When @loderblast gets his changes for "gate out" done, I'll roll those into mainline code and enable MIDI out / through.  Should be pretty easy.

  • That's awesome. Will it be gates out or just a trigger / pulse at the start of a sample? (Panel planning)
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    nothing set in stone right now but i think it wikk be triggers.

    @todd: if you want you can go on implementing the midi thing and i'll add my stuff to that afterward. i think it will be a few days before i have figured out if the behaviour it has right now is ok or if i'll change something
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