WTPA2 Acrylic Case Thickness

So in the course of assembling about a dozen WTPA2 cases, I came across one yellow case where the 1/8" acrylic was a bit thicker.

WTPA2 cases were spec'd from the cutter to use 0.110" acrylic for the top, bottom, front, and back (and most of them are very close to this).
This one unit had ~0.130" acrylic.  Since it happened once, it may happen again.

If you end up getting this, the good news is, your WTPA2 will be a bit heavier duty than either of us paid for :-)

Bad news is, the rubber feet are a PITA to get on.  If you have 5/16" 4x40 screws around, use those for the feet.  If you don't, you can probably get the feet on with the provided hardware if you fiddle around a lot.


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