Realtime Mode MIDI vs. Caveman

Not sure if I'm reporting a bug or my own stupidity: when I use MIDI to engage realtime mode, I'm unable to tweak the clock with the knobs on the unit. But then immediately using the key combo on the actual unit to engage it, the knobs work. Only tested this on bank 0, not on bank 1, sorry.


  • This is because in MIDI, you use the midi notes (from a keyboard, say) to adjust the pitch of realtime.  Same as playing a sample.  If you play a sample with the buttons, then hit a MIDI note, you will change your pitch to that of the MIDI note.  Hitting a button on WTPA2 again re-engages the VCO.
    Try playing realtime with a keyboard.  I always thought that was fun.
  • Ahhhh I'm a dummy. Sorry duder. Also, dude, keyboards are for nerds. I feed my MIDI notes from a guitar. :P
  • One thing i liked about midi mode on WTPA1 is the instant changes to the sound when tweaking eg the bit depth, or out recombintion. In caveman you first had to set the leds then hit the button combination for it to change. I guess that's still how it works.
    However I still liked playing without keyboard more. The midi pitch somehow feels strange. Probably depends on the sample too.
    I'm really looking forward for #2 now, will be built on arrival.
  • Yeah MIDI is more caveman mode than caveman mode. Cavemans don't wanna think in binary!
  • In WTPA2 you can sweep the knob while holding buttons. Also there are instant combos for almost everything, without nesting. So it's a bit better (but the lights are still in binary, it's true).
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