The WTPA2 Showoff Thread



  • Lets try that link again 
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  • @loderblast --
    That's badass.  I'm glad you got that sync stuff working.  It sounds awesome.  Also your WTPA2 looks great.

    I'm not sure I ever watched your video the whole way through.  That's a great MIDI demo.  I especially like the note length stuff.
  • This forum is sleeeepy - here's a little wake up track - the wtpa 2 is snappy and dark

    Click THIS for a good time 

  • Kickass.  Thanks for the track!
  • image

    can I bring my gat?
  • oooooh very nice , that visual key is a great way to go. I did mine inverted however with the basic row (no B6 or B7)  on the bottom and right over the buttons ...
  • Gorgeous.  I love the flat topped LEDs.  Is that aluminum?
  • It's an aluminum hammond enclosure like everybody uses for guitar pedals, just a little bigger.
    Thanks for making the kit Todd, I'm really enjoying playing with it.

  • Now that my beast is up and running again, thought I'd share my ghetto case setup. I originally wanted to 3D print a case so I could make it really thin and use minijacks for audio and MIDI dongles. I might still print the case eventually but needed to sort something quick and I found this bulk box for screws fits it perfectly!

  • Nice!  I love the guerrilla style case.  It's even got the black and yellow theme.
    Good job registering the holes, too.
  • Finaly i've made a demo of my WTPA2 build.
    A combination of the digital sound and a CEM or SSM filter is in my opinion a good combo !
    I've added a VCF, 2 LFO's, S&H and modulation possebilities in one case ...
    Checkout this movie...(not the greatest sample, maybe in another movie i use the Jo stafford sample again (WTPA1)
  • Great demo!  Beautiful build, too.  All the filters sound great and it's cool you engraved the legend.  Really, really nice work.  Thanks so much for sharing!
  • Mat
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    Sampled synths from Android Caustic app. Excuse the bad timing.

    I haven't quite figured out why preview of some samples are high pitched. Clock speed must be set just right, it seems. Also midi needs the extra resistor to avoid having to constantly step on my piano's foot pedal, but it sounds and looks soooo sweet
  • That video is BOSS!  Thanks so much for posting.  I snagged it for my own records of cool WTPA2 demos.
    Thanks for making me feel good about designing WTPA2.  Sometime I wonder if this kind of thing is worth it, but these videos keep me glad for all the hours and messing around.

    Re: that MIDI resistor -- yes.  Glad you implemented it.  Good work.
  • What is the resistor that needs to be added?

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