WTPA2 Sample Packer Extractor



  • OK there is dd gui for mac - I got that 

    Does anyone have a clue for a SOX batch file to convert a bunch of stereo wav files to 8 bit mono aif? I hat to do it one at a time

  • Oh scratch that , there is a free version of NCH Switch you can download and with a GUI interface it will batch process any bunch of files and set them all to 8 bit, mono and 22050 sample rate with one click
    I used SOX to verify that it works but now my next step is to get about 50 files to process with python to create samples,bin and then dd-gui that to load up that card.

  • update = NCH Switch "free" version is just a demo, i.e. after a while it wants the money althought at $17 its not too bad .....of course you can uninstall and start over again for free.....
    anyway , I got my sample set, next step is to use python and post an update 
  • My modified wtpa2.py script will autoconvert your files to the right format if it can find sox in your path: https://github.com/scragz/wtpa2-python/blob/master/wtpa2.py

    OR you could do open a terminal, cd to the root directory where your samples are, and do something like `find . -name "*.wav" -exec sox {} -b 8 -r 22050 -c 1 {}.aiff \;`
  • Nice job on the autoconversion as part of the file packer.  Very cool.
    Sometimes I worry that WTPA2 is too nerdy, then I see this sort of thing and am like F**CK HATERZ
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