Batch of WTPA 1.01 Boards

Since WTPA2 is now back on the ramp, this may be a little late, but I decided I'd get myself a couple of WTPA1 boards made. It's actually way cheaper to get a batch done, so, I checked with Todd, and he says it's OK to offer them on the Forum.

So: would anyone like bare board for a WTPA1? Projected cost is around $25 plus postage from the UK. Once I get the details worked out, (not sure about carriage and Customs/VAT at my end), I will quote a firm price. If I can do a better price I advise once I've got details, I will. I don't mind doing some programmed processors for those that can't do them, at cost.

I initially figured on batch of 10, leaving 8 for sale.

Comment if you are interested.



  • Might be interested....
  • One thought. If anyone want the basic board building and testing, I would be open to offers. for reference, in terms of build skill, I'm an electronics engineer, currently at university in the UK rebooting my design skills.
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