New Partyer: some questions, and a ipad controller!

I know we're all patiently waiting for Ver 2... In the mean time I was finally able to obtain a completed Ver 1.01. It arrived needing an LED replaced and had old firmware. Picked up a cheap pocket avr programmer from sparkfun, culled together instructions from a few threads here and after a couple tries getting the directory right in avrdude, I was able to update to the final firmware. Super easy thanks to you guys!

I've put together an ipad midi controller for the WTPA using the MidiDesigner app (Pretty cheap and easy to use app, I think there's a free version. I've made templates for the Mutable Synth Anushri, Korg DSS-1, and a Midi'd Monotribe.) If you're interested you can get the template for free, I'll post it on the mididesigner forum or i can email it to you. It does all the expected things a party should:
sorry it seems i don't know how to post a pic either...

My question is about clock speed and record default note/sample speed, I'm having trouble wrapping my head around it. When i'm using midi to record and note on/off for playback, everything is going as expected. But when I put it in overdub it slows the sample way down. I've been messing around with the default note feature and feel like that's part of my problem. Can someone try and explain what's going on and what I can do to overdub at what I thought would be my recorded clock speed? I know its working fine because when I don't use midi overdub works fine, but every now and then i get to place if i try to overdub (or press play button on the device) it reverts to a really slow clock speed. Also if i set the default speed via midi, then twiddle the clock knobs it just erases the default value?? i'm kinda slow...

Thanks for any help and big thank you to Todd B.!!
This creature has really lived up to my own preconceived hype, a rarity in these times!


  • Hey! Nice work all around, and I'm glad you like the party.

    So it's been forever since I looked at that code but I believe the MIDI default record note sets the sample rate when you hit RECORD from MIDI mode.
    The idea was that if you record a burp sound as a "C3" then hitting a C4 key would pitch that burp one octave up.

    It's likely that when you hit overdub, the clock speed jumps back to the default RECORD clock rate. Does that sound like what is happening to you?
    And what did you want/expect to happen?

    And thanks again for the post, the photo and for making that tool. Very cool.
    Keep up the good work,

  • I have zero recollection of how it worked when I used it, but you could try with my Party Favor software and see if you get different behavior using that? Total shot in the dark...
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