new wave chopping modular

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Seen this today.!nebulae/c23nm


  • and there is this:!nebulae/c23nm
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    Looks sounds very interesting. It can also run pre-prog stuff
    off of the USB thumb drive -if you're into coding? I was hoping
    the Ciat Lonbarde Shnth was going to have .wav playback
    but it's a great little synth nonetheless for circuit bent type sounds
    (for lack of a better description).It has a mike input, too.
  • hey tofino, playing the synth haNDS ON FREE WORKSHOP AT TEH emp IN sEATTLE AFTERNOON OF THE 27TH. FRICKIN CASE LOCK, come & play bring gear all welcome. Ritchie hawtins is playing there a few hours after we shut down. that's the room, tables no chairs. Ritchie is in teh sky cathedral room. phuture is in town too for acid heads
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    Cheers Mr Lion! EMP awesome!
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