iPhone/iPad oscilloscope?

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I dont have an oscilloscope but I definitely want/need one. I just saw this iPhone/iPad oscilloscope and am wondering if anyone who knows about scopes could chime in on wether or not this would be a good thing to get?


Alternatively, could we start a discussion on good oscilloscopes? Or cheap ones? Kits or premade?



  • Hey Reid,
    Lucky for you I'm not shy about opinions on scopes. Generally, for first timers, I recommend 1960s-1980s used Textronix oscilloscopes.
    They are cheap, powerful, repairable, and radiate intellectual integrity.

    I've had a Tek 454 on my bench for close to 15 years now, and I still use it. It's two channel and 150MHz. It's all discrete, so you can repair it.
    They will set you back anywhere between $30 and $100 on eBay. Here's one now:
    A 465 is decent too for a first scope.

    Those things will be running not only long after nobody has iPads anymore, they will be running when cockroaches rule the earth.

    If you are very brave, better than a kit for something like this is to get a broken old Tek and fix it. But maybe not for your first scope.
  • Thanks Todd, this was exactly the type of advice I was looking for.
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