Eagle deets for Alpha pots

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Hello everyone!

I am currently making a PCB and while its not my first run with Eagle, Im still pretty green with the program. I want to use board mounting pots like Todd did in the WTPA but am having difficulty figuring out the best way to go about creating their mounting holes. I am using almost identical potentiometers (317-2090F instead of 317-2080F) which so far seem to have identical mounting situations. I downloaded the board file (that shit is fucking crazy btw) and can see what I need, but I have no idea how to copy it. The object is part of TBParts which I assume is Totally Badass Parts or Todd Bailey parts. Anyone know of a way to copy one piece of a brd to another? OR, an even more imposing question, Todd, could you share your Totally Badass Parts library? The board Im designing is going to be a simple electronic keyboard that Im going to teach a bunch of 9 year olds how to solder and build. So its for a good cause!

Best regards,

ps, Im really happy this message board is here and still active after all these years. : )


  • OK so I figured out how to copy and paste from different eagle files! BUT if anyone has any sweet custom libraries, maybe we can combine or trade them?
  • Hi Reid --
    Glad you're getting the hang of Eagle. It's not a particularly intuitive program, but it will get you where you need to go.
    I've meant to post TBParts here on the site for a long time. I'll try and remember to get it up under "downloads" sometime soon.
    Most of the parts in there are for client jobs I've done, so it's a pretty huge library by now.

    One piece of advice, though -- generally be wary of eagle footprints that you download from somewhere. If you haven't made it yourself, check it against the footprint in the datasheet.
    I've gotten into plenty of trouble just blindly using some extant part only to find that it doesn't _quite_ fit.

  • Thanks for the heads up! As I go down this rabbit hole I am seeing there is a whole world of people making custom libraries and modded parts and things for Eagle.
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