building another WTPA: Firmware Question

instead of just waiting for the next generation and all i thought i do something useful and build another WTPA!!
i used a 164 that was lying around here and i have no idea what's on it, but can't be WTPA firmware. [edit: it indeed isn't, i just tried. good thing: no shurts, nothing's getting hot and all LEDs are running, yay]

now i wanted to download the V3 firmware from the main page, but it (the main page) just comes up shortly and keeps directing me to the blog.
is that a browser issue maybe?

also can anyone tell me the fuse settings i need for the WTPA? never flashed WTPA firmwares before, i always went the let's Todd have to deal with it route.


  • same here with the redirect to the blog. probably not a browser thing.
  • The bounce to blog has been occuring for awhile.
    I also get some line errors but only on page one
    of discussion(s). TMB is aware of the "deprecatories"
    I believe.
  • ok just found that i have the rar archive with the V3 firmware already on my machine.
    so i actually just need the fuse settings....
    maybe they have been mentioned in a thread i'll have a look!
  • edited September 2012
    -U efuse:w:0xFC:m -U hfuse:w:0xD9:m -U lfuse:w:0xF7:m

    (from the makefile)
  • thanks, Olivier!
  • @rosch, so that must mean you had a WTPA pcb just sitting
  • yes but this was the last one (of 5)
  • ok this worked fine (just verified the LEDs work correctly with the switches, and parameter input too, so far)
    now off to sound check!
    thanks again pichenettes
  • @rosch --
    Awesome. Glad you got that working! FWIW, the latest firmware is also available in the downloads section of the blog site.
    Also, a little known fact re: the Makefile -- if you're running make you can type "make wtpa" and it will burn the fuses, and write the firmware as well.

    @pichenettes --
    Thanks for digging that up while I was away!
  • i have no clue about this makefile stuff. seems simple, but i don't know what i need in order to do it (besides a computer)
    well it's up and running, everything fine.
    it's a great machine and you can never have too many :)
    now there's only the guy in the 19" rack left to troubleshoot. if i can get that one to work it will be the WTPA for circuit bending.
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