how can I get on the list for the wpta? 2

Keep reading this question over and over. Just be here in the forum and your in the list. That's it. no advance presale, inside list etc. its when its when and not till then. there are rumoured to be about 300 firmware machines ready, the delay is about software and unlike a certain west coast controller it has nada to do with chip supplies or factory production issues. its a bout time to work on it. Commenst Tod?


  • oops please take p out :0
  • you can do it yourself by editing the first post i think. put me on the list too please :)
  • Hey guys,
    That's more or less correct. There are about 300 WTPA2 units kitted up behind me right now. I've been slow to implement all the new features I'd like in WTPA2 (in firmware), and I don't believe in pre-sale, so I have not begun to sell kits, except to two or three engineer buddies around NYC.

    When they're ready, I will make the first announcement to the email list of people who've written to me about WTPA2. If you ordered a WTPA1, you are probably on this list.
    At the same time I'll announce that they're ready on this forum, and have a link to the site. It took awhile to sell 200 WTPA1 units (a few months) so I doubt you'll miss your chance.

    However, it's likely I'll be posting to the forum before they're done, so if you see me start talking about the manual or asking questions about people's favorite MIDI channels, it's a good sign.

    There'll be some kind of reward system for bug reports too -- I think I still owe one or two of you a coffee mug from last time :-)

    Thanks again for being so awesome about all of this!
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