Great designer gone

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designer of 140+ ICs including the 555. Very opinionated on design.
Great free book of his on design, including filters although he is really talking about design inside the ic itself. Go to teh link to his firm in the article, found by Paul Perry in Australia.
cheers Tod


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    Camenzind was a great man, it's true. I'd hoped to meet him at a party in Silicon Valley this last February, but I didn't. You all should read that book.
  • Another loss. :(

    Paul Perry = Frostwave
  • Paul perry? gone quiet but i hadn't heard he had died.
    now there was a teacher...
  • Bob Pease dies driving home after leaving Jim William's funeral- unreal.

    Paul Perry is fine afa I know...
    I just added to your info, sealion.
    How was the 'Fest, btw?
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    Yeah, must have been very upset. Wallace Stegner was killed leaving teh parking lot of an awards baanquet for him. Life is odd.

    Re festival: saturday morning I was sleeping in a westfalia on Cortez Island but by 7:30 I was there and setting up to follow cstl on the program. It was the 10th anniversary of our two day noise fest. We had a 13 hurtz drive up from four corners, xome rocked a table of pedals and read stories about Sacremento, people from Chicago played, edmonton, vancover (The Rita and Rusalka) and some more across Canada,a portable wiFII net swarm from Edmonton where everyone's smartphone controlled the music software feeding the pa, a rabbit playing a guitar, a smoke machine blew up in asuitcase holding a mixer, an andy wharhol moment with strobing lights where everyone at the gig was photo'd ominously, crazyness and local beer and khazakstan art films or something and some Japanes 1950s gangasta stuff and winter in Osaka and lots of performers. Went very smoothly maybe 10-12 card tables of setup moved onto the floor each night and a loud noise breakfast. I played a screaming angel and weevil with aflashlight, suonio, eric archer dronmeatrix, and an ms-20 with a loop of bitcruncher feed back in and all out an antique TC2 (made in portland) early delay line while a goofy projectore was run off the mixer send thru a Bitvision video synth. Had a great time.
  • Some fine gear sealion! Wish I wasn't playing here that night!
    Sounds like a great weekend...
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