Molecule Synth from PDX (diy)

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Travis Feldman has a kickstarter project for up to a 3 voice synth
with MIDI and speaker(s) and 4 controller/sensor sections (joystick,
flex, etc) Each hexagonal "molecule" takes on a function. There's
an i/o module and more on the way Travis says...if he makes his
28 day countdown for funding. Interesting POV on DIY... all the
modules connect together horizontally in a beehive-like formation.


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    Yeah sorry I forgot. That was a tough one to remember. lol
    It's looking pretty interesting with PD, Auduino and USB input
    and an FX section along with all the controller input/interface
    possibilities on top of the synthesis. Makes the price relevant.
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    Kickstarted within 2 weeks. Some pix and builder interview.
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