DIY fun on Resident Advisor

I was recently interviewed by the magazine Resident Advisor and they had a lot of questions about my DIY builds...and the general mess around my studio
Sadly WTPA1 somehow did not make it into the photo shoot...Some of the pictured builds include Gristleizer, Noise Swash, standalone MS-20 filter, Maestro ring modulator, homebrew MIDI button controller, various pedals and gadgets, and a Lovetone Meatball filter ( Meat Sphere project) in progress on the bench

Pardon any shameless self promotion aspects of the post but it's really the first time I've been interviewed w/r/t my DIY interests, and this represents a nice re-entry back into music after what was kind of a while off from releasing anything big or doing stuff



  • Also pictured: Synare/Coron DS-8 clone, and standalone 808 kick drum
  • nice studio! and interesting interview. I was trying to pick out the standalone 808....but couldn't, is it one you built from scratch or did you buy a pre made PCB from someone?

    BTW any links to you music?
  • for tracks!

    the pcb for 808 kick is this

    I did the case - you can see the knobs are black, red, orange yellow like 808 buttons!

  • gotcha on the 808 clone....nice little box! triggering out of the 606 in the photo. I contacted Jesse so I am going to order the PCB soon.

  • Be nice to have a N. Swash with pico generator and some gristleizer
    all in one.

    If anyone's looking for a high hat to go with 808 kick?
    Saw on the electro-forum today- Hexinverter is selling
    Ryk Miller's Liquid High hats pcb v.3.
    Advanced build he says but nothing too serious.
    I managed a 1x8 Sympleseq modded to output 5V.
  • I plan to build Liquid Hi Hat, it is confirmed to run off 9V! I think standalone BD808, Liquid HH, and one other thing would make the ideal mini bare bones drum voice combination, but I have yet to find a satisfying standalone snare or clap circuit. Anyone know of anything? The issues of adapting the 808 circuits are that the noise circuit is not part of it, the trigger parameters have to be adjusted...I'm not that much of a DIY ninja so I like a self contained project. Any ideas?

    Picogenerator PCB's have been out of production with a pending revision but nothing yet. I have used Noise Swash and Gristleizer together, they work really well. Also, the Uglyface circuit (a 555 sync distortion circuit popular on the stompbox forums) works really well going into the Noise Swash...
  • "I plan to build Liquid Hi Hat, it is confirmed to run off 9V!"

    That's one of the reasons I picked the Sympleseq.
    The other was the 5V cv capabilities.
    Thanks for the ed's up on uglyface!
  • Sympleseq does look like a fun and easy build. Uglyface PCB's:
  • @strategy

    perhaps this could do the trick....

    there is a great video on YT, google 'mega percussive synthesizer'.
  • Good chunk of analog percussion w/fx in the MPS.
    Magic Smoke/ Thomas Henry has a few analog
    DIY modules to add on.
  • i've slooooowly been populating an MPS board. I also built a Coron (synare) module...I have a Synare Sensor original, it's very close. But for snare/clap it would be great to have a simple to build "one trick pony"

    Thinking about doing the Andromeda filtered noise project but configuring it for external trigger input and an enclosure:

  • edited July 2012
    The IR of the ASR's looks great!

    The projects below are too much for me (on alotta fronts)
    but... have you seen Gary's Linn drum expander or any of
    his drum machine projects?
    All info that's needed is there, but they're all 100% DIY.
    Here's one of a few and there are audio ex(s)amples.
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