Norman White and Those f*cking Robots

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Todd you should spend some time with this guy when you can. He has been teaching artists electronics for35 years or more out of Toronto. The dutch arts and technology people were wondering wwhy all these wild artists they have been meeting in Europe are Canadian. They interviewed them and learned they all had been taught electronics by some guy called Norman White. One thing led to another and they just did a film about him (yes those two robots do f*ck) but he is quite the humble thoughtful electronics guru. I ran into him while filming Trimpin's computerized piano project. It wouldn't do what i wanted. We talked about designing uncertainty into circuits, he hit one button randomly and an entire piano frame tilted and the ball bearings sounded as they ran across the strings. Even John cage can't make this sh*t up. I got my final shot. Norman is the real thing. You have to invite him into your workspace. It will help you be the engineer you already are. Bits of film are on youtube about his work. The dutch film is "those F*cking Robots"
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