Korg DSS-1

Hey guys,
I know a girl here in NYC who's selling a Korg DSS-1 for $350 with a power supply and:
"12 floppy discs (not the original, and only about 1/2 the sounds work but they can be reformatted)"

Not sure what that means, but probably lots of you do. I told her I'd post it here. Let me know if any of you are interested and I'll send you her info!



  • Weird, I just traded for one of these 2 days ago.

    By far one of the most intriguing synthesizer/samplers I have used, must be a pretty cool girl too. You should pick it up Todd!
  • Ha! She's a pretty good musician, actually.
    As much as I could use another piece of music gear around the house that I don't ever use, it might be helpful to see how somebody else's sampler design works. Still, I was hoping one of you could get it and tell me how it was :-)
    I think it's $300 now too.
  • well I can tell you it's pretty rad. It has analog filters (SSMs I think?), sampling, harmonic synthesis (choose your harmonic, give it a volume) and this cool waveform drawing feature where you move a slider up and down over a timeframe. Makes for some really fantastic capabilities. also it has 2 digital delay processors, but it is about as big as a surfboard =(.
  • Even the rack was as heavy as a 26" CRT monitor.
    Everything it sampled seemed to come out sounding
    original and useable. How many kilobytes does it have
    fully loaded-256 -512- one megabyte? It was the 720k
    floppies then iirc? Geez I wonder if my floppies from
    1986 still work? ;) Mirage, EPS, TX16W, ESQ-1, SQ-80,
    EPS16+, ASR-X? Had 'em all. I still have an ASR-10-
    just for the Waveboy disks FX really. That Korg
    brings back memories of trying to reduce and trim
    samples to the shortest length and lowest sampling rate
    on a DSM-1 for lack of space! Then the Roland S-550/760
    came out! And then the S-1000.

    That Oplab setup from Teenage Engineering has
  • I have two, one I am working one, one running and a full floppy library. Its sllllloooooowwwww, which is why that cpu rebuild project is soooo coool. I always thought teh korg joysticks sucked compared to mod wheels but its okay. The button strokes are complex the lcd is tiny, but PPPHHHHAAAt filter, dual dig delay lines, and lots of room to put crap on top of it. manuals are several hundred pages. also have s-900/s-1000, dpx-1
  • word: Tom's project is about to resurface, reads waves off usb or camera cards, 32 meg memory instead of 720k
  • my usb card ready and floppy drive arrived, waiting on the new cpu and BIG memory kit, and new lcd. Reading up on what has been coded for the new os bootloader I noticed an interesting feature added to the missing portemento that was added to it. It never had portemento, now it will, but it can be assigned to osc 1, osc2 or both (normal). Now I've seen mono sliding, and poly sliding like the Yamahas use, with that trad smooth glide or crazy step tone sound, but I can't think of a synth that bends one oscillator up or down to the other. my arps do do that put with envelope mod (tuneable bend) or an assigned pedal to one osc. nice pedal steel bend effect. and you can remap teh sliders to specific function tweaks per sound, like the K2000, but you get 3, not one slider.
  • And what was that I saw on Olivier's flickr, a 4 gig SDHC card in a socket on his new pcb, Tod??
  • Hey, why should I know?
  • hmmmmm. something good is underway.
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