Is external sync or division of midi clock possible? Or clock out to midi-land?

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Though 2 is not here yet I'm wondering about integration with other instruments. I don't mean whether we can modwheel into it or cc control features, more like lock or divide and lock to other things like drum machines. I'm wondering because I;m learning the dcm8 chiptune machine from In it it has the usual internal or external clock, but it has a third option which is give priority to the hands on clock if it happens but otherwise go to the midi clock. I'm also finding cloking other things really could use some divide the out choices send 1 for every 4 clocks or 8, that sort of thing. Most of my live work is freeform just go no midi sync, but studiowise it would be interesting to have some sode for that. just sayin.


  • TMB was talking about this update in wtpa2....?

    "Main sample rate clock is now an analog VCO which can be controlled via CV/LFO or via coarse/fine knobs
    Additional onboard RC oscillator allows indpendent manual pitch control of both sample banks
    Clock for the second bank can be slaved to the VCO as well via a toggle switch"
  • Yep, all that stuff happened.
    Right now there's no midi clock input, and I'm not sure how I'd handle it, since WTPA2 is a sampler but not a sequencer. It would be possible to make a midi clock out, I guess -- I could just divide the period of the sample by 8 or 4 and send clocks, but I'm not sure how useful that might be.
  • hmm. My request does go against the spirit of jump out of the plane and go live with it. A small part of me goes gee what would divide sample by send clock sound like. The larger part of my mind says drop it, it is what it is NOW, finds bugs and squish and release. I am finding a stutter at 2x rate a useful effect for putting in some drama into live manipulation of bpm playback, maybe a 2x speed internal lfo rate momentary button?
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    Like skrew and chop but backwards. Like the baby voice in hip hop from a few years back. Not a bad idea.
    Could make it a midi CC so that you could factor the skrew or speed-up factor by multiples of 2. Wouldn't be that hard and would get rid of this annoying part of the code I never liked for skrew+chop....

    This is a good idea. I'm gonna do it.
  • awesome!
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