The Nthsynth

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john from highly liquid and sineqube's co- project.
Audio samples on soundcloud -user - sineqube.

I found this after researching Max 6 from seeing
Rodrigo's recent post. Interesting to say least.
Nice turquoise LED's?


  • I like the prototyping area :-)
  • Well even Get lofi and the make and do crowd
    are getting in on this one. Tabula rasa still
    going strong at muffs along with the sympleseq.
  • no kit and sold out v. fast, some discussion of the filter at mutable's forum.
  • Thought that what they had on first run would last
    for a month but they sold out in less than a coupla
  • I got the email when I came home and they were all gone, unless I bought a set of 10 or a set of two.
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    Hey that wreaks, sealion. You can't buy the bare for $240
    and the next choice is find someone else to split the $600
    for two with t-shirt. Strange seeing that backers aren't closed
    yet and the arrival date isn't til May. Still on with the quneo?
  • Still on with the quneo, they confirmed shipping t-shirt etc. Next month I guess. Re the Nnth shipping/splitting is tough in that in an electronic community that means two addresses or reshipping or talking someone local into coughing up the bucks on something you haven't tried yourself, unlike wtpa? or shruthi's or tom bugs gear. There was one project elsewhere a few on the this list supported and three of us are a bit mixed about now but wish them well. I wouldn't want to drag a friend into something I later thought was so so. Nuff said. Its better like this: A couple of people saw what I was doing and stepped into it themselves, great. They are happy and they have their own style of how the use the same gear so when we play a noise gig the sets are different but you learn from each other's approach. Thomas in Run Chico Run also uses a postcard weevils, but in a different contexts.
  • I hear ya! If I didn't have ? of WTPA2 arrival and a babybox noise
    I'd 'almost' trust these guys and offer $300 but alas the timing ain't
    good now. You should be able to buy one nth synth though ffs!
    On the performance side I'm forging ahead on the electro busking.
    Jamming partner last year is in college now. If you hear of anyone
    over hear- lemme know? Also finding a studio here is near impossible
    unless you're rich or share with two or three or of course are lucky
    enough to know someone/ have an in. Oh well. I'll keep searching.
    Western Front, Blim, Video In. Electric Owl Club sounds promising
    so far and otherwise you can add Funky Winkerbeans to the Biltmore-
    so...I guess it's improving? How's me old home town? :) NYC here we
    come? Heard Telecult Powers?
  • studio: I heard there was a hackspace over there with a club building. They make beer too. T^hings here as usual the same. Norway house accepting bookings etc. If your around Frioday March2 you'll find me droning away at this draw-in fund-raiser for teh Ministry of Casual Living. we each get 1 channel on an 8 channel mixer and off we go while people around us paint or draw inside the ambient jam.
  • thanks for the post. Totally forgot about hackspace.
    All 3 'music inspires art' nights I've been to were a gas.
    FB link- "+ interested jammers welcome + one 1/4 inch
    in per person." A couple channels avail. still. Signifigant
    other and I haven't been to Lyle's/Vic since '99 so we're
    WAY overdue for a visit! If my Babybox noise was to
    magically arrive soon? I'd be chompin'...
  • well its pretty open.
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    Post apologies to forum for OT.
    sounds like y'all keep busy with the psychic pollution!
    Might have to hire the polluters for a party or a bar
    mitzvah @ August. Especially if we end up staying in
    town. Whatever I do- MUST do something that ain't the
    usual dining out trip.

    I see the nth synth got a big mention on MAKE website.
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