WTPA inspired monome/max app

So I've been rebuilding my WTPA setup (http://www.rodrigoconstanzo.com/the-party-bus/) in Max to use with a monome (and eventually arc2). It's been going real slowly, but I finally have gotten the app to a sharable/viewable state.

The video doesn't show off the lofi-ness of it, but each of the two sample modules are straight up inspired, and sound quite convincingly like the WTPA. Nice gritty stuff, with all relevant parameters tied to pitch (master clock), so bringing the speed way down (like I love to do on my WTPA) gets you all that nice crackle/grit/hiss.

Basically I was planning this massively intricate setup around a WTPA2 (including trigger based live sampling, and gesture based parameter messing) and it hit me that it would be easier to just build it in Max (rather than Arduino). It's still going to be hardware centric in the sense that I will never be on the computer. It will be off to the side, and I would only have the monome/arc in front of me (looking very similar to my Party Bus, I just add).

The name of the app also tips it's hat to the original party for me.

Here's the vid:

And my post about it (including download):


  • nice one, off to read the blog next, are you compiling it into a max freeruntime? I have runtime and a monome.
  • The patch will run in the runtime version of max as you don't need to edit things for it to work.

    There are a couple of buttons/modes which use the varibrightness feature of the 2011 monomes, and I've not tested the patch on a non 2011 monome, but I would imagine that all works fine.
  • Good work! You're giving me some competition :-)
  • Heh. Just stealing ideas where I can get em!
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