going out to play

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So here are the videos and stills from the Oct 29th Pacific Northwest synth meet. Lots of stuff there, so much that I missed a chance to play a three rack bugbrand modular! WTPA? was represented. http://m.matrixsynth.com/search/label/PNW%20Synthfest


  • Tod: yer an artwork in the Village voice! cool.
  • Ha! Yep. A fairly accurate one too. Thanks for noticing.
  • Yadayada...
  • http://thebunghole.bandcamp.com/track/sealion
    better audio
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    "Share video" on u2b got me here.... Cheers sealion,
    you'll get it. C U Aug 24-25? MS-20 wrangling? A-Ok!
  • I'm on the its full but if someone cancels list for noise fest #10 (2 days of it). what can I say. But yes we will jam. we should book a place even and paly one in public no matter what: ceenote or fort street cafe. figure out something. going to the june thing in seattle? Bunch of us are. I got a table space as well if you do.
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