Where's The Rockit At? (Rock The Party?)

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I have a WTPA? (the old v.1.0 board) and just started populating my Rockit 8-bit synth board. I was thinking very seriously on putting them in the same box.

Would it be smart to have them share a power supply?

Would there be more noise/interference than one might care for?

Is this a horrible Idea that I should be ashamed of?

Should I just keep things modular?


  • side by side might be okay? waitin on my 8-bit kit still, but its slow cause its Canada, but hey we get Prince AND I"M GOINNNNNNN! Yeah.
  • Just Built mine a couple days ago, lemme just say that it totally kicks ass. I'm building a pretty sweet case for it right now (integrated midi keyboard etc). Making the whole thing small enough to fit in my briefcase or backpack. Still, it sounds pretty damn good. The filter is amazing, and from what Matt told me, is a completely original design! Had a couple suggestions for him, but otherwise is still a really great platform with a promising amount of development going on. I feel lately its been the only DIY thing actually going anywhere. Mutable is finally coming out with some new stuff, but activity over there as well as over hear has been real limited!
    Any news todd!?
  • Matt is a buddy from Chicago -- a good dude and a good engineer. I've got a Rockit here that I've yet to build.
    W/r/t the enclosure, it should be fine, especially if you use the onboard pots. Mount them side by side and don't route clocks or noisy signals longer than you need to.
    Run an unregulated DC in to both units in parallel.

    And send pics when you're done!

  • Thanks for the replies guys.

    It just occurred to me that both of these devices have midi in and out. It would be pretty cool to have them control each other to whatever extent possible, but might there be some midi feedback? Would I need to reprogram the chips a bit? Guess I should read-up on these lil monsters some more.

    Will do Todd. Now I just need a front panel...
  • my 8-bit arrived two days ago, thunking on a case before I start.
  • Got a little bro on the way... The Sprockit

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