chiptune drum machine -- vxxy

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Steve Jones has the hardware done. They are bugging out the code as we speak for a nov 11 release date. Talked w/him today/pre-order is in.
chiptune drum machine
Off to the Seattle synth meet, see or matrixsynth


  • Glad that this drum sequencer project is coming on!
    I've got a noise synth/guitar fx box that I "commissioned"
    almost at the ready. With 9vdc (of course), fuzz, delay, echo,
    feedback loop, extra i/o, bandpass filters and LDR.

    Have fun in Renton! Could bring back some
    Henry Weinhards blue boar pale ale for me?
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    Could only do a gas station stop so a case of Sierra Nevada ipa (first had it in93). But bellingham's boundary Bay brewery has some awsome product and great smoked salmon chowder. We walked in and the local fire department bagpipe band was there in t-shirts kilts and Tams, and zombie facemakeup. Last year teh American radio museum was doing a radio play of Frankenstein, with real Tesla coils. Crazy town, big thumbs up.
  • Sounds like a great time!
    We stopped in Ferndale to p/u beer
    at the Frank n' Stein- awhile back.
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    received one of the first 50, next batch end of this month I guess ( The code is sound, haven't been able to crash it yet. Deep little specialized box. Looks to be 2 channels of 1-16 steps, 1 sound per channel step but with a mini chipsynth in each step, the 8 step buttons and the 4 bank switches cover the range of adjustments per instrument. The encoder (Param adjust) is a turn and push switch for menu/value shift and encoder speed jumps through values., many levels of undo for live playing. Shift and steps 1-8 in play adjust things like bpm, one of many bitcrunch "masks", step length (hence undo levels for jumping back) and various stutter efects. also does double or half bpm can do internal and external clock but interesting is a third option, setting a priority that uses both clocks. You can jam when the computer is feeding it quite easily. Modulation can run across steps as well, based on pattern run, free running or or step triggering. As usual I find unpowered usb sysex sends fail, but bus powered sysex from a soundcard works for firmware changes. Can turn down the led brightness, I went all blue, machine and leds, maybe red is better. 10 waveforms includinga 4-bit triangle, wavetable, and fm, plus teh classics, 9 noise types, 223 presets (midi mapable) and 32 user designed sounds, bpm and dac can be midi controlled, 64 patterns mapped to 8 steps x8 banks. Lots of copy & paste for patterns or instrument sounds. One wish: a groove/swing setting.
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    Flickin rocks! I finally "got" the dual channelism of it. One sound per step but you can put any sound (233 mad presets or 32 designer sounds) in a step (8-16 steps), then hit channel and you have 16 other empty steps firing at the same time, but the gravy is that the sounds can be way shorter or longer than a step.. Both tracks go at teh same time and when you stutter it it stutter/chops both at twice the clock/bpm. And the DAC allows for a standard mask (some real nasty ones, as well as "cafe") that can be tweaked live and an alternate one that can be dropped in as it goes (haven't figured that out yet). Also haven't figured out how to envoke the lfo over the 16 step pattern yet. But I like where I'm at so far.
  • Sounds awesome!! Battery powerable? :)
  • Fairly small box, 9v 300 ma wall wart
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    Just joined - so hello folks!

    Proud owner of a DCM8 in Ireland. Wonderful little box - really a LOT of fun!

    Only issue is with the rotary knob, some times the item you want to use falls between the point where the knob 'clicks'.
    It can be frustrating - but not a huge issue - certainly not worth avoiding the little bugger!
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    mckenic, let go of thh shift button, it auto jumps the knob in 10s when held after entering edit, hence the things your not seeing, I finally figured that out. I tend to hold shift and then something and leave one finger on shift, nope, tht's wrong, its no longer needed once your in select land unless you want to speed jump through teh menus. Still wrestling with how to set and use the alternate bpm/DAc during palyback.
  • sealion - WOW! Thank you SO, so, so much mate!!!

    Cant believe I didnt realize this!!! It still jumps but I didnt cop that Shift was toggle and kept it held all the time!!!

    If your ever in Ireland - I owe you a pint of Guinness mate! Thank you!
  • If/when I'm in Ireland I'll take you up on that Guiness
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