How fast can the WTPA "clock" go?

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I was just wondering how fast the sample clock can go? Will changing the coarse and fine pots change the range or is the clock at its absolute limit when they are fully counter-clockwise?
I'm only thinking about playback speed here, not recording rate.


  • When using the external oscillator, you could conceivably speed up playback a lot. WTPA is already at or above the maximum recommended sample rate for the AVR's ADC (you can go faster but it'll sound bad) however I think the ISR is fast enough that if you commanded it to speed up during playback it's probably be fine. I never tested it above 24kHz or so but I bet it could get upwards of 30kHz. The max rate is now set with a limiting resistor (that 220 ohm resistor near the bottom right of the dual opamp) and the .1uF cap. Replacing that 220ohm resistor with a 100 ohm resistor would let the clock go a lot faster -- the pots just slow it down in a meaningful way. Hope this helps.
  • Yes, that's precisely the information I needed. Thanks.
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