The Tabularasa

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another Kickstart project. Not sure of the
current status other than it reached it's goal
in march/11. Interesting reading/project for
Arduino savvy. microSD. I know as little as you do.
He's tweeted on July 29 that he's doing another
PCB run. Video and samples available. ΓΌ


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    i was late for the kickstarter too but was lucky enough to grab one leftover from the 1st run. very easy build, but i've not yet tested it as i still haven't bought a SD card reader/writer.... i'm totally behind with all projects....
    lot of info here:
  • You must have quite the arsenal there, Rosch! (pending assembly) ;-)
    This is a pretty good "sounding" project!
    Thx. for the link at muff.
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    yes indeed... but i'm in the process of finishing some.
    actually the only thing i really really finished so far (ie really completed so i wouldn't have to open it ever again) was the WTPA1, which i gave to a friend from chile when he was visiting recently. but no problem, the smd's for the next ones are already soldered!
    they're playing live every weekend, he promised to post some sounds somewhere :)
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    at gregsurges website

    running on a Macbook...

    DIY USB to CV conversion. it's called the Octamod w/8 cv's outs.
    Using a Max\MSP Runtime GUI app. He uses the Macbook trackpad
    as a mod source in u2b. Similar to expert sleepers- volta and it's
    open source.

    pucktronics might be worth a look too?

    Ever heard of an Arduino Atmel wave
    Shield synth called the Fluxumasynth?
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