Demidulator 8-bit midi synth lo-fi sampler

edited August 2011 in Everything Else

nothing too too source. Sine, square wave
avail. on synth. Sample on the fly. Minor sample editing.
It's a Kickstart project. Dirty Vegas plays the old hit "Days Go By" and... we try to
remain patient. Rnd.3 @ electro-busking today. Wishing I'd had
something akin to an ol' Roland MS-1. I just missed one up on CL
for mere coffee money.
MORE of the teethgrindingthumbtwiddlingwaitingisdoingmyheadin. ;^)


  • The Derek Enos kickstarter failed. He has
    these up on a new site and kits to custom
    are there now.
    some u2b Links of demos available onsite.

    Friend emailed that mutable instruments wiz
    Oliver Gillet has a new mystery product bait
    up on display and she wondered (again) about the
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