Post your completed WTPAs here!

What does yours look like?

Here's mine:

Ok, so it's not complete "complete", but everything's operating perfectly and the NES case serves its purpose by holding the PCB and jacks in place. Something smaller would be ideal; perhaps once the viable bend points have been figured out, I can move it into a more permanent home. Sounds soon!


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    Here is my finished one with height minimizing cap layout and 3mm LEDS. The power caps are under the PCB:

    Sorry for the awful blurry photo, but I guess it reflects how I was feeling by the time I finished building WTPA. No case yet, but I love the one eepman did. Everything is surprisingly operational and fully functional (I have very little soldering experience and zero SMT solder experience other than this sampler.) No midi yet, but I'll add it shortly. Todd, thanks for the concise and detailed build instructions, because they definitely helped.
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    Well, heres mine :) Although they all look alike for the most part!

    Got my kit here in the UK and nailed it together today. Worked first time. The only deviation from the standard kit, is that I exchanged all the right hand red led's for 3mm blue ones (I got a whole bag of em, so why not..).
    I'll add midi once i decide how I want to mount/enclose the board.
    Works perfectly well from the 9v bat too!

  • Just finished mine, here is a little cell phone video of the first test.

    Now to get started on the case...
  • Hey Luap,
    I am in Europe too and still hadn't my kit... did you received a mail that it was shipped? When do you have made your order?
  • Tommi, Ordered 2 or 3 weeks ago. Shipping took a while, yes, but its worth the wait ;)
    No real shipping email as such, just a shipping order/invoice/thing of sorts. That was all.

  • I ordered mine more or less at the same moment as you. I can't wait to play and discover his real possibilities, but I can imagine how Todd's busy handling all that shippings... aaaarggghhhhh!
  • Hey Luap! Have you tried the jitter function? How is it?
  • Hey Tommi, no, ive not tried that yet because currently my wtpa doesn't have the midi connectors on it (You need midi to access the jitter feature). But I just found a very cool case to put my wtpa into! So hopefully i'll have midi on it soon and will be able to try it.
    At first i was a little disappointed with wtpa's sound. But I just had to learn to use it! The manual is a little vague, so you need to experiment to get the best from it. Now i am not disappointed at all :)
  • Great! I wait to hear some more clear example of what this beast can do!
  • So I found a great case right under my nose to put the thing in. An old Sennheiser microphone case! And it really couldn't fit any better. Looks like it was made for the WTPA :)
    Sorry about the naff phone picts, but you get the idea..

    As you can see, I added the midi sockets now. But im yet to test them..
    Im happy with the case as all the controls are perfectly accessible, and everything is well protected with the lid closed.
    While im here, is there some way we can display picts in our posts, like on other forums? Rather than copy/paste links..

    Regards, Paul
  • nice one Luap.
  • Finished it last night, I'm going to hook it to my TD-707 soon.

    I mounted the 2 large caps backwards, the case was cut using a dremel and 1.25" hole saw, sanded / primed / painted / clear coated in a dirty basement.

    The board can be reverse mounted on the acrylic for bending goodness.
  • Jesus, Fred--
    What a ton of work! Good job. It looks like a totally different animal.
    The SMT RAM looks good too.
  • here's mine. the board is 'upside down' so that the top part of the enclosure can act as a hand rest. i thought about painting it, but the 'institution' gray and blue kind of grew on me.
  • Those things look HUUUUGGGE!
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    Here is mine:

    Case is a Pactec PT-8. Label is a Papiilo inkjet printable vinyl (awesome stuff, $11 for 10 sheets. First time I used it).
  • @Altitude: How did you get your LED's to peek out of the case like that? Did you mount them higher?
  • bsom:
    Yup. Mounted the board then used the faceplate to set the height
  • Daaamn --
    That looks great! Operating instructions on the plate no less -- they look really clear -- and Biggie!
    ...Now for the Jewish Grandmother move: "So you didn't like the Skrew and Chop Effect?"
    Nice job, y'all!
  • oh shit, where did it go? Must have gotten lost at some stage.. ugh. That vinyl is an absolute bitch to get off too. Ill ghetto it up and sharpie it in :P
  • Ha! Don't sweat it. DJ Skrew would likely have made the same mistake.
  • Altitude, thats a great job you did there! I was quite proud of mine until I saw that. haha

  • Finished mine yesterday:

    Two issues that I still need to look at is that I get clicks on the loop even if I sample silence and that there is a large amount of digital noise in the sampled signal, most notable on the second mp3:
  • Etaoin. I answered your other post, re: the clicking. The digital noise though, I think is normal. It also sounds like you recorded your example pretty hot (IE, high levels) which will bring out any noise issues more.
    You have to remember that this sampler is far from being about absolute audio fidelity. Quite the opposite! This is all about lo-fi sampling, warts n all. With careful setting up, it will sound quite clean (for 8 bits). But on the whole, clean just isn't what this thing is about. This is character sampling, and I think Todds grand plan was for this to be exploited in every possible way.

    Enjoy :) Paul
  • Actually, I built my first sampler (also 8-bit) way back in 1988. That also had lots of cpu-type digital background noise, no aliasing filtering and a lot of other nasty artificacts in the signal, so even though WTPA is better than that, it reminds me a lot of that sound. Much more so than for example the 8-bit Ensoniq Mirage does.
  • Wow, nice jobs on all of those cases. Now I really have to think about how to case mine... Loving the video game buttons.
  • Hey Altitude, where did you get the right angle connector (the ones on the MIDI in/Out, Audio In/Out, etc) from? I've found the square female connectors but I haven't been able to source the right angle male connectors.
  • JaseM:
    Those are standard friction lock 0.100" space connectors. Good place to find them is here:
  • Pictures of my completed WTPA here:
    Thanks Altitude for your faceplate layout file. It's been very useful for drilling the holes. I also shared your idea of putting the instructions on the panel.
    The case is the Hammond HA1590DD 187,5x119,5x37mm. I removed two skrew holes and the pcb fits perfectly inside it!
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