The future? Duty?


Any chance of getting a status report from
the helm?

There's a (forum) shareholder's meeting next Tues
and we haven't heard from R&D, Finance, Production
or the Towel Depts? Street team and sexy spokesmodel
ready for the TV ad? And what about the t-shirts
and the rest of the swag? Can't forget about the matte
finish on the brochure at this stage. The forces in the
universe are aligning...


  • Gents,
    The uSD dragon is pretty much slain at this point and performance on that front (playing and recording to/from uSD on one channel while doing something else processor intensive on the other) is quite good.
    That mostly leaves messing around with granularity and UI. Neither is as hard, although both take some doing.
    There's also incorporating Andrew's NES stuff which is pretty easy since he did a great job writing it.

    The bad news is I started a client job on Monday, so WTPA work is relegated to the evenings again. I was racing for that deadline around the 1st because I knew this job would start around the first week in August and WTPA2 would slow down.
    In the meantime, the assistants here are still busy cranking out assembled units, dwarf-fortress style, so it's still moving.

    The models are still in hair and makeup, so we're OK there too.

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