Custom enclosure

I'd like to combine a small midi keyboard (oxygen, axiom, etc) with the wtpa2. Something kind of analog synth style. Wood end cheeks, slanted panel. Think minimoogish. Has anyone ever cracked open one of these little keyboards? I'm wondering if they're made in such a way that this would be possible? Everything uses membrane buttons these days, which makes it hard to repurpose stuff.
Please share any experiences you might have had hacking into one of these.
I'd also like to hear about other enclosure design ideas.


  • I am building a similar enclosure for my Shruthi 1, and additionally for the WTPA. It depends if you like mini keys or not. I wanted mini keys in my shruthi, so I could get a lot of portability and a bigger number of keys, but many mini key midi keyboards (actually all of them minus one or two) don't have pitch wheels. I ended up using a revel musicstar keyboard, gutting out the keys, figuring out the switch matrix and attaching all that plus a pitch wheel to a highly liquid midi CPU with custom firmware. It isn't very easy working with axioms and stuff because there are a lot of small boards and stuff. You have to make the case larger and drill lots of holes and such for all the knobs, LCDs and whatnot. If you just want a keyboard with nothing else, looking for some older simpler midi controllers might be your best bet, and many of the old ones are better made with metal frames for the keys and stuff which are a lot easier to mount.
  • Well I was hoping someone would be like: "oh it's easy, just take one apart and you'll see what you need". Oh well. I'll still try it out. I wonder if guitar center would notice me dismantling keyboards in the back?
  • Somebody just showed me a Rock Bank keytar, which is cheap, has MIDI out, and has a pitch bend.

    Maybe it could be useful for this?
  • Keys w/velocity, +TRS I/O, 1 axis touchstrip,
    battery power only. Price @ $80. What more...?
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