Narrat1ve Nerd Camp Gets on PBS!

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Or on the blog at least! Congrats, guys!


  • DOOD, whats up with the wife beater?
  • Bike accident. That ain't a bullet wound on my shoulder...
  • just watched that - GO TODD! Nice one!
  • That's pretty awesome.
  • i thought it was a fresh tattoo
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    Coolness. I thought that injury may have been from a
    rocketing capacitor shot from bad circuitbending w/120V ac?
    Binder dundat.
    Hey- is that Jared Leto during "Fight Club"?
    Ima Total Kidder! ;-)
  • Your friend Paul Davis as in Ardour & Jack Paul Davis? If so - small world!!
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    Different Paul Davis. Paul B Davis:

    Who made a bong out of lasers last winter:

    ps @tofino -- oh snap!
  • i was made in a bong?! double snap
  • I'm still bubbling away in the stardust n' water cocktail, soon to be
    processed through a vacuum tube filter, which is then tuned up
    and played by a bunsen burner. The gas... I tell ya. Oy vay.

    @TmB- Sorry we forgot to correctly address you always as D.Eng.
    Doctorate in being a locomotive driver (or M44 controller) with
    Doctorate in Divinty. DD? How 'bout a DM- Doctorate in Music?
    Much respect, for the haircut self-flagellator!
    More bleach blonde hi-lites!! Circuit bender's snap?- Lol !!
    I'd like to buy your plexiglass synth- sitting over "there"-
    are you interested in selling? How about a part 2 version?
    Those old "one week deadlines" could (and still can be)
    shamans in the conjuring of DIY (Renaissance) magic.
    Ayahuasca? DMT anyone? ;^D
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